SMS Support for TCPA Compliance

Text messaging takes only seconds to compose and send. And, SMS for business works at any time anywhere even with
second-generation cellular technology. It delivers wide-ranging and more reliable service than voice calls and emails.


SMS support gives companies greater leverage in customer service, sales and marketing. It ensures human intervention in
business processes, which is required for FCC and TCPA compliance.

Business SMS Support for TCPA Compliance & Regulations

Effective hourly rate starts at $5.75 for a team of at least 5 agents. 

Explore SMS Support Use Cases

Two-way text messaging allows your consumers to contact you easily and engage with you directly. It also allows you to engage with several customers at the same time!

Aside from mobile-to-mobile messaging, take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of chat-to-SMS and landline -to-mobile messaging services

Use short code SMS for sending text messages in bulk. Reduce unnecessary friction and cut down response times with short-code confirmations and cancellations.

Send help and save a life! Emergency text messages can get to the recipient faster than a phone call. SMS support can send emergency alerts to as many people as possible. 

Outsource SMS Support - Keyword Based Text Messaging

Consumers can get a special discount when they send a text that include a specific keyword. This is especially useful when blasting out promo codes and coupons to registered users.

“I have had a very positive experience due to the attention to detail. hard work, and asking of intelligent questions by your staff. So far, I have nothing but positive things to say about working with Rethink Staffing. I would suggest that other companies give Rethink Staffing a try for their data entry and business support needs.” 

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FAQs on SMS Support for TCPA Compliance

Customers prefer to text rather than call because it's more convenient, less time-consuming, and less frustrating. Two-way text messaging enables consumers to ask the company to text or call them back. It also keeps a chronological record of the conversation that both the company and the customer can access.

Offshore providers of SMS support services cost less than service providers in the United States. More than the cost arbitrage, however, the speed and quality of work provided by offshore agents bring great value to all kinds of businesses. Agents at Rethink Staffing alone can send up to 1,000 SMS in a day using three mobile phones at a time.

Companies may save money when they use AI-enabled text messaging services, but this is a clear violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. In addition to being marked as a distributor of spam, companies may end up with epic failures in communicating with their customers. Outsourcing SMS support for business is a cost-effective way to ensure customers receive important messages on time and with complete info. You can outsource SMS support for sales and marketing, customer services, recruitment, education, healthcare, real estate, and financial services for TCPA compliance.

While TCPA regulations may see texts in the same light as calls, SMS messages don't interfere as much as calls in the daily lives of consumers. Two-way messaging or multi-channel SMS allows consumers to use a different gadget (i.e. landline) or platform (i.e. chat app) to send texts and to converse with customer service reps while they're doing something else. If your consumers lived in different states, you might need to adjust the time your employees would start sending texts in bulk. To account for the differences in time, you better outsource and spend less on sales and marketing activities rather than pay more for overtime hours or add more employees to work for you. Outsourcing externalizes the costs of recruitment, training, and employment.

Yes. Companies that outsource SMS support services to an offshore provider can cut down their operational costs. At the same time, they can take advantage of time zone differences to send messages to consumers from the other side of the world, which frequently happens in e-commerce businesses. In the healthcare industry, alerts and reminders are sent on time to patients and medical professionals wherever they may be. Emergency notifications are immediately sent out to all responders in the area.

SMS Support Resources

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