Outsourcing that brings back living wage jobs and middle-class potential in America’s inner cities.

“Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood faces the same challenges as the developing world — high poverty rate, low educational achievement, unsafe home environments, unsafe neighborhoods, poor access to living wage jobs, low access to healthcare,” says Mike Dershowitz, a social impact entrepreneur and a Philadelphia native.

Mike is committed to bringing his entrepreneurial vision to Kensington, PA. His company, Rethink Staffing Fair Trade Outsourcing Center, has already made a significant impact on the lives of Filipino agents through an unconventional approach to labor management.


We are committed to paying agents this hourly living wage + healthcare at Rethink Staffing Philly Outsourcing Center.


Our all-in introductory hourly cost for clients.


Our Expertise

Customer Experience

Operations & Technical Support

Data Management

Omni-channel Inbound & Outbound Support for any type of organization.

Product, Software & Process Support, & Helpdesk.

Data Entry, Transcription & Enrichment, & SMS Support. 


Our Unique Economic System for Managing Labor Delivers Superior Results.

We build our agents’ capabilities and focus on their social welfare and economic progress. This boosts our agents’ positive mind set that results to a high level of work ownership.

Mike Dershowitz Talks about Creating Social and

Economic Impact in Business


Rethink Staffing’s labor outsourcing system takes a traditional call center job and turns it into a force for social and economic good. It’s a worthy cause known as impact sourcing. We will target underserved populations in Philadelphia with the hopes of bringing about social and economic progress in their lives. We want to help those who find it difficult to enter or re-enter the workforce after major struggles.

Fostered Youth

Returning Veterans

Workers from TANF Families

Built to Outperform Industry Standards

RTS Philly Outsourcing Center is capable of doing high-value work for non-profits, federal and state governments, and other organizations that need a reliable domestic provider.


* Dedicated account manager
* Daily and weekly reports
* Seasonal agents
* Workforce management


* Password-protected PCs
* Network monitoring
* Restricted access to IT room
* Locked USB ports & WiFi Access


* Gamified Learning Management System
* Computer Operation Certification
* Customer Service Certification
* Client Management Certification
* Peer-to-peer learning


* Mission and Vision

* Core Principles
* Agent Bill of Rights


* Nearly 3,000 square feet of office space

* Up to 400 seats with closed-off work areas dedicated to each account

* Biometric access and digital lock system for building and studio security

* 500 kVa backup power generator with ATS

* Multiple internet service providers for uninterrupted connection


How It Works

How Outsourcing Works Bar
Define The Work Circle Icon


Our folks can pretty much do anything as long as it requires a computer, an internet connection, and a brain. It’s just a matter of designing the workload and managing the hours well for greater efficiency and productivity.

Assemble and Train Circle Icon


Once we understand the work and skill sets needed, we’ll start putting together your team. Training can take anywhere from 5 days to 30 days, depending on your team’s size and the complexity of their tasks.


Optimize and Scale Circle Icon


You’ll have a dedicated account manager and our on-site operations manager on your side to help you optimize your workforce and scale your team as you see fit.

About Rethink Staffing

Philly Outsourcing Center


Our vision for the Kensington facility is to apply our successful economic philosophy of impact sourcing to our operations here in Philadelphia.  We developed impact sourcing to improve the lives of our team members in the Philippines, and we want to bring the same success home.

Our Rethink Staffing Philly Outsourcing Center occupies a 3,000 square-foot facility at MaKen Studios South, 3401 I Street, Kensington, PA. Rethink Staffing has partnered with Shift Capital, a real estate impact group focused on urban revitalization and the developer behind the MaKen Studios project.

Rethink Staffing Philly Outsourcing Center is a sister company of Rethink Staffing Fair Trade Outsourcing Center based in Iloilo City, Philippines.

For inquiries, please contact us at 888-599-6516.

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