Data Enrichment

Prepare, process and enhance data to produce information that’s valuable to end-users in various sectors, namely
business, education, government, and medicine, among others. Add, remove or replace data that’s correct and
up-to-date for greater accuracy in data analysis and data processing.

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Effective hourly rate starts at $5.75

$5.75 an hour already makes a huge impact and aligns with our vision to lift as many people as possible out of poverty through impact sourcing work. 

Which data enrichment tasks do you want to outsource?

Outsource Data Fusion Tasks to a BPO Company in the Philippines
Outsource Data Entity Recognition Tasks to a BPO Company in the Philippines
Outsource Data Disambiguation Tasks to a BPO Company in the Philippines
Outsource Data Segmentation Tasks to a BPO Company in the Philippines
Outsource Data Imputation Tasks to a BPO Company in the Philippines
Outsource Data Characterization Tasks to a BPO Company in the Philippines

Explore These Data Enrichment Use Cases

Data Enrichment Outsourcing - Enrich User Information

Don’t let your user data become obsolete! Hire a team of data workers to search online, make some calls, and send emails to gather the most recent information about your users. Data enrichment produces accurate and reliable information about your end-users, and updating it helps them protect their accounts from being breached or accidentally deactivated.

Data Enrichment Outsourcing - Research Business Information

You’ll need a team of data specialists to hunt down and collect business data. They can search for information from multiple sources that talk about or reference any of the companies you do business with or that you think will be interested in what you do. Your team enriches the business data you already have and turn it into information of immense value to your consumers, managers, and business associates.

Data Enrichment Outsourcing - Enrich Real Estate Information

A team of data workers can make your real estate job easier! Trust your team to comb through multiple sources of information and enrich the data that you already have. Make informed decisions when managing or selling a property on behalf of your clients. And, help your clients decide what’s best for them and their properties.

“I have had a very positive experience due to the attention to detail. hard work, and asking of intelligent questions by your staff. So far, I have nothing but positive things to say about working with Rethink Staffing. I would suggest that other companies give Rethink Staffing a try for their data entry and business support needs.”  

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Data Enrichment Resources

Data is valuable, but only when it is accurate, organized, and continually updated. It becomes even more valuable when meaningful information is leaned from it. Data cleansing and enrichment turns existing databases into more useful information by removing or replacing inaccurate and obsolete data.

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Data entry and analytics may ultimately become AI-enabled services, but data enrichment work can only be done by humans who can turn raw data into meaningful information for businesses to use. Here are 3 reasons why it’s better for you to outsource data enrichment work that’s more complex than data entry or data mining jobs.

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Because of the huge amounts of information that’s readily available on the web, traditional data-processing software may not be enough to handle big data. And so, there are times when human perception and judgment are necessary. Learn what data enrichment is and the types of tasks you can outsource for greater efficiency, speed and accuracy.

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Our folks can pretty much do anything as long as it requires a computer, an internet connection, and a brain. It’s just a matter of designing the workload and managing the hours well for greater efficiency and productivity.

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Once we understand the work and skill sets needed, we’ll start putting together your team. Training can take anywhere from 5 days to 30 days depending on your team’s size and the complexity of their tasks.

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You’ll have a dedicated account manager and our on-site operations manager on your side to help you optimize your workforce and scale your team as you see fit. 

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