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We built a culture of meritocracy rather than a narrowed focus on mere statistics and the bottom line. Our focus on
the agent’s social welfare and economic progress is what makes us unique. It develops a greater level of work
ownership that produces superior customer service.

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Effective hourly rate starts at $9 for a team of at least 5 agents.

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“RTS has been super easy to work with! The honest communication from the leadership team has made the experience very pleasant. The new team members have also been easy to work with and it has helped us organize our own training materials. We will continue working with RTS and will probably double our staff for next year!”

The Warming Store
Zach Silverman
General Manager
The Warming Store

FAQs on Outsourcing Customer Experience Services 

The Philippines has been known to produce a large workforce trained to deliver quality customer support in any niche and for all kinds of businesses.

An exceptional customer experience starts with hiring and training an outperforming team of customer support agents. You can search online for outsourcing companies in the Philippines that provide customer support services. You may contact them through VoIP, phone, chat or email.

Customer experience support covers a wide range of tasks that include inbound and outbound customer service, pre-sales and after-sales support, and multi-platform customer support through chat, email, phone, and text. With the widespread use of social media, customer experience support has extended its reach to providing customer service via social media apps like Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

We've all heard of stories about outsource customer service reps going the extra mile for a customer in need. That, in itself, is remarkable. But what makes a customer experience exceptional is the company's full support behind those decisions. Rather than admonish an agent for offering a free item to console a customer, companies that approve of this kind of customer service understand that maintaining goodwill and retaining a paying customer are far more important than losing any profit from that freebie. An aggrieved customer who has to pay for an order that was never delivered or came to their door already damaged will likely talk about that bad experience to 15 more people, and that can hurt the company's reputation.

Customer Experience and Customer Support Resources

4 Reasons Why You Need Chat Support for Your Website 

With more and more businesses extending their reach to the online market, how are you going to set yourself apart? Many companies have already integrated chat support into their customer service strategy, and are now reaping the benefits of engaging their consumers through mobile and desktop. 

How to Manage Business Support Staff in Different Timezones 

Working with someone in another country in a different time zone is already difficult. A long-distance working relationship is easier to manage when you know what you’re doing. If you have customer support staff in the Philippines, then consider these tips in managing a remote team. 


Essential Tips in Starting your Chat Support Service Team 

One happy customer will likely tell nine other people about a good experience while an unhappy one will probably talk about it to 16 people or so. Thus, improving customer service is of utmost importance. If you wanted to attract more customers and outperform your competitors, you may want to invest in a superb chat support team. 

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