28 May Why May is an Important Month to Call Center Agents Around the World

Despite the common use of automated call services, customers still prefer to speak with a human being rather than an artificially intelligent answering machine. For these (human) call center agents to better serve their customers, they need to have excellent auditory processing skills. And, when's the best time to learn all about hearing problems and speech disorders? It's the month of May, which is celebrated as Better Hearing and Speech Month each year!

This endeavor is largely focused on educating people about the various hearing problems and speech disorders that are prevalent among children and the elderly. But, it's also the perfect month for all call center agents around the world to learn how they can best preserve their hearing while on the job. Here are some workplace wellness tips on how to prevent or (at the very least) minimize the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

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16 May Integrating Employee Wellness Into Your Workplace Culture

Some workplace wellness programs focus on helping employees lose weight, quit smoking or manage their stress levels. But, total wellness goes beyond weight loss, physical fitness, and stress reduction strategies. For an employee wellness program to work, these strategies will have to be integrated fully into your company culture. Here are five things that employers like you can do to effectively accomplish that objective.

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15 May How to Promote Mental Wellness at a Fair Trade Call Center

Did you know that mental wellness is just one of four aspects of psychosocial health? Aside from being physically fit, humans have to be also emotionally, socially and spiritually healthy. And, nowhere than a fair trade call center can provide the kind of work environment that contributes to the optimal health of BPO workers.

A fair trade call center operates within the impact sourcing framework. This means the company integrates fair trade principles into its operations with the sole intention of creating an impact on the social and economic welfare of its employees. A number of articles touching on work-related stress and what managers can do to help overly stressed agents have already been published. This time let's go deeper into the many ways that a fair trade call center can promote mental wellness effectively among its agents.

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1 May 5 Ways the Security of Tenure Bill Guarantees Income and Job Security for Filipinos

Job security is a top concern of almost every Filipino worker; it's right up there along with living wages and functional healthcare services, among other things. While job security is what every employee wants (not just Filipinos), the lack of it is more prominent in the Philippines where the disdainful labor practice known as 'endo' prevents probationary employees from becoming regularized.

It's a shameless display of chronic abuse of a legal loophole. But, the new Security of Tenure Bill, or House Bill 6908 -- and its Senate equivalent which is the End of Endo Act (Senate Bill 1116) -- aims to change all that.

It's no surprise, therefore, that job security is among the top issues that a fair trade call center aims to resolve.

With the impending passing of these bills and the cooperation of a more egalitarian employer (like a fair trade outsourcing company, for instance), this systemic malpractice can be rectified with greater success compared to fixing it with a department order or a presidential decree.

But, how does this new Security of Tenure bill guarantee income and job security when all others may have failed? What are the changes in the bill that assure employees of getting a stable job rather than a temporary one? Here are five ways that House Bill 6909 (or Senate Bill 1116) can deliver on the promises of an impact sourcing business.

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28 Apr Making Employee Health and Safety at Work a Priority for Fair Trade Call Center Agents

Call centers, more than any other workplace, are notorious for putting their agents' health and safety at risk. The amount of workplace stress that customer service reps deal with every day is unbelievable.

No wonder absenteeism in call centers is at an all-time high. This leads to productivity losses of up to $225.8 billion, or $1,685 per employee, each year. If you added other workplace issues, such as racism and sexual harassment, then it's even less of a surprise to see the abysmal turnover rates for call center agents. It can go as high as 33% in the United States with a lifespan of only 3.3 years. In the Philippines, the situation is even worse with entry-level agents lasting only 18 months at their jobs.

These workplace statistics deserve a second look today, April 28, which the UN, ILO, and other agencies celebrate as World Day for Safety and Health at Work every year. This international campaign promotes the right of employees to a safe and healthy working environment. It's a right that's embedded in the principles of fair trade outsourcing.

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4 Apr Why Focus on Employee Growth in Performance Reviews?

Posted on Apr 4, 2018 6:04:06 AM in Agent Happiness, employee growth, employee happiness 0 Comments

One of the things that employees hate more than a bad boss is a bad performance review from their bad boss. This yearly ritual takes a lot of manpower and precious work hours to complete. And, the results may not even be that rewarding for both the employee and the company.

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29 Mar 5 Reasons to Focus on the Process, Not the Goal

There's nothing wrong with setting goals at work and in your personal life. It's a smart way of defining which direction you'd like to take your work (or your dreams), and if you're a leader, your team's performance. But, hitting your targets isn't the only way to measure success. Keeping track of your progress and learning as much as you can from the whole process are just as important as racking up the numbers for your team. Here are five reasons why you should focus on the process more than hitting your goals.

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1 Sep How Strategic Outsourcing Transforms Service Providers into Collaborative Partners

Strategic outsourcing elevates the old transactional relationship of outsourcing to a collaborative partnership. This kind of business relationship focuses on innovation, continuous improvement, and long-term goals rather than short-term objectives.

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19 Jul How to Promote Agent Happiness in SMBs

The concept of agent happiness is nothing new. Many companies have been focused on creating employee-centric programs that will keep their people healthy and safe at work, and also help them balance their time for personal and professional endeavors.

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17 Jul What is Agent Happiness and How Does It Impact Outsourcing in the Philippines?

Posted on Jul 17, 2017 7:00:00 AM in Outsourcing to the Philippines, breakbpo, Agent Happiness 0 Comments

We've all been given business advice at one point that emphasized the need to make our customers happy, so they'll become repeat customers and become loyal to your brand. But, what about your employees, more specifically your customer service agents? Does agent happiness matter in the Philippines outsourcing industry? How does it impact worker productivity, customer experience, and your company's bottom line?

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