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The New Face of Outsourcing in the Philippines

June 6, 2016 Mike Dershowitz No comments exist
The New Face of Outsourcing in the Philippines

The primary strengths of modern outsourcing are the specialization of skill sets, operational flexibility, centralization of daily operational activities, and a standardization of security and delivery.

  • Specialization of skill sets: The trend in outsourced work has grown far beyond unskilled labor. Countries like the Philippines are now producing a population of workers and college graduates who have highly developed professional skill sets, especially in the IT sector. The expansion of these technical functions can add a whole new level of functionality and credibility to your business.
  • Flexibility: Because you are able to outsource much of the time-consuming day-to-day functions of your company, you are then able to focus on the bigger picture. Having time to try new approaches, experiment, think strategically, and troubleshoot will expand the bandwidth of your company very quickly. This is especially beneficial for start-up companies with a smaller number of employees who all must wear many different hats. Also, the lower cost of outsourced staff will exponentially increase your output for the same amount of resources.
  • Centralization: Outsourcing will allow you to contract workers for a wide variety of tasks while remaining centralized under one management company. Not having to work with a different independent contractor for every task will allow ease and clarity of communication, and consistency and quality of output with less effort.
  • Standardization: General skepticism toward outsourcing over the years has given way to a system of standardization that surpasses what many companies are even capable of internally! Because outsourcing companies need to demonstrate quality and dependability to remain competitive and win your confidence, many have developed meticulous systems for vetting and rating their candidates, monitoring and optimizing activity, and providing solid security systems to preserve your integrity and theirs. All of this information is made available to you, their client, through regular and comprehensive reporting tools that they set up with you at the beginning of your partnership. Security certifications are becoming the norm, allowing workers to perform efficiently and securely in the face of shifting workplace habits, and minimize the risk of human error.
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