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Impact Sourcing: Outsourcing with a Social Impact

June 6, 2016 Mike Dershowitz No comments exist
Impact Sourcing: Outsourcing with a Social Impact

Through impact sourcing initiatives, offshore outsourcing not only provides competitive advantages to businesses but also opens up opportunities for more people and the communities they live in, in ways that can significantly change their social and economic lives. Business leaders are beginning to think more about how they can play a more active role in bringing opportunity to underprivileged communities throughout the world.

Socially responsible outsourcing offers access to decent-paying jobs and skills development for millions of qualified people. Many of whom who might not otherwise be employed, or would have been working “dead-end” jobs. Socially responsible outsourcing improves the economic outlook of the individuals employed, as well as the communities where they live. Impact Sourcing is a powerful tool to open opportunities for a wider range of people and reduce global poverty.

The positive social impacts of outsourcing can be seen in established, and popular outsourcing destinations such as India. The outsourcing boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s in India drove in economic development which lifted millions out of poverty and expanded the country’s middle class. What happened in India 20 years ago is now happening in the Philippines. Many (particularly young) people are finding employment and developing their skills from stable, in-demand jobs.

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