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Free Task and Time Management Tools for Outsourcing

March 3, 2017 Claire Ponsaran No comments exist
Free Task and Time Management Tools for Effective Global Collaboration

Managing a remote team in another country, assigning tasks to them, and planning your meetings and deadlines are easier when you’re using tools to organize everyone’s work schedule. There are many free tools available for outsourcing managers. Check out the following list and see which ones fit your needs.


Trello has been among the favorite tools of businesses and individual end-users. It follows the kanban method of organizing tasks and tracking which ones are completed, which ones are still in progress, and which of them have not been finished on time. The user interface is clean and easy to understand.

free communication, collaboration, and management tools for outsourcing and global collaboration

Getting Started With Trello –

It’s forever free for small teams. You can create an unlimited number of boards, cards, and checklists. Users can attach files up to 10MB or link to them from Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. A free plan allows you to integrate one app (Power-Up) per board.


A freemium plan in Todoist allows up to 5 people to use it as a team. It has limited features. For example, it doesn’t integrate with iCal or Google Calendar. This tool is good enough for assigning tasks and updating them manually. It’s a simple tool that has desktop, web and mobile versions.


MeisterTask is similar to Trello because it also makes use of the kanban method in organizing one’s work. And, it has a  nice interface. You can also send an email invite to other people to collaborate with you on a project.

You’ll have to pay for additional features, such as statistics and time tracking. A Pro account only costs $9 per month or $90 annually.


This tool allows you to add up to 10 users to your free account, which has limited features. You can create tasks and assign them to your team members. TaskQue has workflows, task lists, calendars, and project management features. You can integrate it with Google Drive and Dropbox. Attachment limit for free accounts is 5MB and storage space is only 1GB.


Freedcamp has unlimited storage. It lets you create unlimited projects with unlimited tasks, and add an unlimited number of users. You may sync the tasks you created with Google Calendar. Users can upload a file up to 10MB and share their files with others. This tool has time tracking, milestones, discussion boards, messaging, and password manager, to name a few.


Asana also lets you create unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations. But, you can only add up to 15 team members. A free account has basic search and dashboards for a small team.


Producteev is another feature-rich tool for communicating with team members, sharing files, and assigning tasks. It practically has everything that you need to manage your team wherever they may be located. Users receive real-time updates and push notifications, and they can attach files without limit.

If you have your own server and you want software that can be customized for your company, then you may use a project management app like Redmine or 2-Plan to assign work and keep track of your team’s progress. But, this can be time-consuming because you’ll need a back-end developer to customize the software and make sure your data storage is sufficient and secure.

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