Anatomy of the Perfect Real Estate Appraiser Support Staff [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 14, 2017 Claire Ponsaran No comments exist

Hiring the right people for a job as a virtual assistant or appraiser support staff is important. But, how do you know which person to hire and what qualities to look for?  If you’re thinking of delegating the work to an offshore team, then check out this outsourcing infographic.  It’s a visual representation of summarized information from two previous blog posts: “Why Hire Real Estate Support Staff in the Philippines?” and  “Outsourcing to the Philippines: Real Estate Appraisal Support“.

Anatomy of the Perfect Real Estate Support Staff Infographic
INFOGRAPHIC: Anatomy of the Perfect Real Estate Support Staff

You may download this outsourcing infographic or share this with your friends and work colleagues on social media. You may also republish this infographic on your blog or website without asking permission from us as long as you place a link back to the Rethink Staffing homepage. Thank you so much!

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