11 Dec 5 Signs You Should Invest in eCommerce Outsourcing for Customer and Tech Support

Posted on Dec 11, 2017 5:09:01 AM in ecommerce outsourcing, tech support, customer support 0 Comments

Many ecommerce entrepreneurs have small-scale operations that do not require a huge workforce to run. With that said, they are also the kind of companies that have limited resources for expansion and will need help in handling the customer and tech support tasks.

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8 Dec 4 Reasons Why eCommerce and Outsourcing Work Well Together

Posted on Dec 8, 2017 4:21:07 AM in #KillTheFear, ecommerce outsourcing 0 Comments

When you have an ecommerce company, you're greatly dependent on technology to run your business. That dependence is a reason why ecommerce and outsourcing function together like cogs in a wheel wherein one cog cannot turn without another cog continuously nudging it in the right direction. Here are 4 reasons why ecommerce companies function better when they integrate outsourcing into their business strategy.

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5 Dec Why Fair Trade Outsourcing Makes Good Business Sense

At the heart of the fair trade principles is the belief that trade can be a force of positive change in the world. In the outsourcing industry, a call center can become a force of economic and social good for the agents when employers integrate these fair trade principles into their corporate policies. Aside from affecting socioeconomic changes, a fair trade outsourcing strategy makes good business sense because of several reasons.

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9 Nov Five Reasons to Start with eCommerce Outsourcing to the Philippines

Posted on Nov 9, 2017 3:06:16 AM in #KillTheFear, ecommerce outsourcing 0 Comments

eCommerce may not be overtaking traditional retail sales soon, but it's growing by leaps and bounds, and the shift to omnichannel retail cannot be ignored or stopped.  According to Bain and Company, "if historical trends continue, e-commerce’s share of retail will rise to about 28% of total sales in 2030", which means if you're in retail, then you will inevitably need to outsource to pump up your ecommerce operations.

When it comes to ecommerce outsourcing, the Philippines is a major destination for international businesses looking to hire experienced customer support staff. For these businesses, these are five important reasons why they chose to outsource their ecommerce support to the Philippines over other outsourcing destinations.

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2 Nov 3 Things You're Doing Wrong When Estimating Your Outsourcing Savings

Posted on Nov 2, 2017 12:23:02 AM in #KillTheFear, Savings Calculator, Outsourcing Savings 0 Comments

If you were asked why you're outsourcing, cost savings would surely be one of your reasons. And, if you were asked how much, could you really give an estimate worth considering? Or, are you so way off the mark, you end up making a fool of yourself? It may not make you feel better, but it's good to know you're not the only one doing it wrong. Many people get their numbers wrong more often than you'd expect.

Get it right by checking out these three things that you're probably doing wrong when estimating how much they actually save from outsourcing, and compare your numbers with the results you get from a savings calculator.

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11 Oct What You Need to Know Before Starting with eCommerce Outsourcing

Posted on Oct 11, 2017 6:12:10 AM in #KillTheFear, ecommerce outsourcing 0 Comments

Many companies are inevitably drawn to ecommerce outsourcing as a strategic approach to digital transformation. As online retail continues to grow at a tremendous rate, brick-and-mortar stores and virtual shopping portals will have to scale up as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is especially true for small-to-medium-sized retailers like you whose resources may be limited. But, you'll have to consider a few things before a company like yours make the jump into ecommerce outsourcing.

#1 What makes ecommerce outsourcing different from other types of business process services?

Every aspect of online shopping is covered, and not just the sales and after-sales processes. eCommerce support staff can handle tasks that are more technical and specialized compared to their compatriots in call centers. Companies may want to hire a small team to handle website management tasks, such as creating product pages and updating product information, site optimization for desktop and mobile, and social media marketing, in addition to payment and logistics processing.

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6 Oct Three Reasons Why You Need eCommerce Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a major contributor to the continued growth of retail. eCommerce outsourcing, in particular, has helped hundreds of retail companies make a smooth jump from selling through a brick-and-mortar store to selling online and transacting with customers through digital means. But, before you make the decision to outsource some of the work from your ecommerce business, take a moment to think about the following points of consideration.

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13 Sep Offshoring in Manufacturing vs Strategic Outsourcing in Services

Posted on Sep 13, 2017 3:09:21 AM in offshore outsourcing, strategic outsourcing, #KillTheFear 0 Comments

It's not just the manufacturing industry that's been involved in outsourcing. The services sector has also been growing in revenue and reach because of outsourcing either offshore, nearshore or onshore.

But, what's the difference between offshoring in manufacturing and outsourcing of services in various industries? You'd be surprised to know business process outsourcing, especially in customer service and tech support, does not work the same way as the offshoring practices of manufacturing companies.

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23 Aug How to Build a Sustainable Strategic Outsourcing Partnership

Strategic outsourcing not only streamlines your processes, but also leads to a sustainable partnership with your service provider-partner. Here are some tips on how to build a long-lasting productive relationship with your outsourcing partner.

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17 Aug Why Choose Strategic Outsourcing for Sustainable Growth

Rather than adopt a piecemeal approach, companies now choose to take a long-term view of what they wanted out of their outsourcing activities. The shift to strategic outsourcing, which emphasizes continuous improvement, innovation, and global collaboration, seems inevitable. Companies see it as a more sustainable solution to growing a business than other outsourcing models.

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