25 Apr How Does a Fair Trade Call Center Retain Millennials?

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Not only are millennials challenging to manage as employees, they are also difficult to retain. Only 16% of this generation can see themselves working for the same company ten years from now. In fact, 44% of these digital natives are prepared to leave their posts after two years.

And yet, millennials are fast becoming the majority labor force in the world. Since turnover can cost $6,440 per person, it's easy to understand why alarm bells are going off among HR professionals.

Despite their reputation of "disengagement and disloyalty" however, retaining Millennials is just a matter of understanding what is important to them and what will make them stick to their jobs. With their adaptability, creativity, and digital skills, they can be valuable assets to the company once they become fully engaged.

Because a fair trade call center tends to be more sensitive to its employees' needs, it holds the keys to retaining Millennials. Here are six reasons why a more egalitarian and employee-centered organization can retain millennials in this age of digital transformation and impact sourcing.

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18 Apr NOW HIRING: I.T. Specialist

Rethink Staffing, a fair trade call center and outsourcing company in Iloilo City, is looking for a detail-oriented, functional, and effective IT Specialist to join our growing team.

The ideal candidate must have improved skills, a proven professional experience and a detailed knowledge of BPO industry’s best practice processes.

He or she must have the expertise to monitor, and maintain IT and network systems. The job's focus will be on specific computer network, database, systems or network administration.

Under supervision, the IT Specialist will install, configure, service, repair and maintain information technology systems in both a stand-alone and client-server environment. He or she will also participate in technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the organization and ensure that system hardware, operating systems, and software systems are fully operational.

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3 Apr NOW HIRING: Director of Operations

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We’re searching for a Director of Operations to lead and deliver complex client engagements that will help identify, design, and implement creative business solutions for RTS.

We will rely on you in implementing and overseeing the quality of deliverables and managing team relationships effectively to ensure exceptional performance. You will be responsible for management of staff and development of processes to ensure the continuous improvement in the delivery and quality of services.

Your goal is to execute RTS’ vision for the operation and to continuously engage in leading and inspiring service delivery teams in developing Fair Trade Call Center practices.

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3 Apr NOW HIRING: I.T. Manager

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We’re searching for an IT Manager who will be responsible for the overall planning and maintaining, organization, and execution of our technology infrastructure. The ideal candidate will be responsible for the smooth running of our computer and network system within the limits of requirements, specifications, costs and timelines.

You will also supervise the implementation and maintenance of our company's computer and network system needs, direct IT staff to carry out support and maintenance of existing applications, and development of new technical and network solutions. You will also lead the development team, serving as a liaison between clients and technical aspects of each stage. Qualities such as accountability, crisis management and an ability to prioritise are essential to our company culture.

The ideal candidate must have improved skills, a proven professional experience and a detailed knowledge of BPO industry’s best practice processes.

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3 Apr NOW HIRING: Relationship/Account Manager

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We are searching for a Relationship/Account Manager who will nurture long-term relationships with our customers to boost our brand and profits in the long-run. We will rely on you to find ways to outperform our competition and maintain RTS' positive image.

You should be an excellent communicator who is able to grasp customer's needs and brainstorm ways to fulfill them. We also expect you to be a strategic thinker with an analytical mind and strong problem-solving skills. You will resolve any issues that arise to ensure customers are satisfied with our services.

If you also have a background in customer service and knowledge of our industry, we would like to meet you. Your goal is to help us safeguard our revenue and retain our customers.

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29 Mar Why are Fair Trade Call Centers Attractive to Millennials?

Posted on March 29, 2018 at 7:02 AM in organizational behavior, corporate culture 0 Comments

Notorious for their "sense of entitlement," people who are born between 1982 and 2000 often baffle and frustrate other generations. Known as the Millennials or Generation Y, they garnered a reputation of being ingenious but impatient, adaptable but demanding, and enthusiastic but disengaged at work.

In 2025, 75% of the workforce will be made up of this generation -- and so is one out of three American adults by 2020. As 55% of customer service interactions are done online, this digital-savvy group becomes a crucial demographic for any business that wants to adapt and stay relevant. They are understandably attractive to companies. But what makes a fair trade call center, or any company for that matter, attractive to them as a workplace?

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23 Mar URGENT HIRING: Workforce Manager

Posted on March 23, 2018 at 6:46 AM in Rethink Staffing, fair trade call center jobs, BPO Jobs 0 Comments

We are looking for a passionate and committed Workforce Manager who will be responsible for all workforce management tasks to ensure accurate forecasting and reporting of staffing based on the operational objectives of the company.

The successful candidate is able to accept ownership for effectively resolving attendance and scheduling functions, complaints and inquiries, while keeping customer satisfaction at the core of every decision and behavior.

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22 Mar HIRING: Marketing Assistant

Posted on March 22, 2018 at 5:03 AM in Rethink Staffing, fair trade call center jobs, BPO Jobs 0 Comments

We’re searching for a talented and passionate Marketing Assistant who will be responsible for executing our marketing campaigns and focus on leading and facilitating the future of customer marketing utilizing marketing automation, CRM, and other enterprise software solutions.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for executing our marketing campaigns, doing follow-up calls and setting up sales calls.

The ideal candidate must also be motivated and well-organized individual to follow up on the campaign recipients to check in and set up appointments.

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8 Mar 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Companies Settle in Iloilo City

No doubt Metro Manila has been a central hub for commerce and trade in the Philippines, but it's not the only city in the country that's capable of supporting the needs of companies of any size and industry. Outside of Metro Manila, businesses can easily settle in Cebu and Davao, if they wanted to escape from a chaotic life in the capital.

But, some people still find it surprising for a company to settle in Iloilo City first, rather than build a reputation and nurture a network in Manila before branching out to provinces in other regions of the Philippines. So, why is Iloilo City a great alternative to metro cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao?

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9 Feb 3 Types of Work You Can Assign to Your Recruitment Process Outsourcing Team

You know you wanted someone with smarts or at least someone who's willing to learn how to do the job right. You know you want someone with experience because not everything can be taught in the classroom.

But, the thing is... you don't have enough know-how or experience in hiring people. If you're a small business owner, your manager does that for you. If you're a top executive in a mid-sized company, someone from human resources does that for you. And, the recruitment process can be expensive, depending on where you are.

If you're thinking about outsourcing your hiring process, you're not the only one. But, what kind of tasks do you outsource and which ones do you set aside for your regular staff? Here are three types of work you can assign to your recruitment process outsourcing team.

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